Petra Solar

Petra Solar Petra Solar is a New Jersey based clean technology company that has developed a new class of renewable technology, trademarked SunWave™. This system combines PV solar generation with smart grid communications and grid reliability enhancement functions for utilities. Petra Solars SunWave™ systems are installed on existing assets, such as utility distribution and streetlight poles, to deliver power directly to the grid.

Founded in 2006, Petra Solar has grown rapidly with the help of public and private funding and a $200 million project as its first commercial contract in 2009.  The company is supplying PSE&G, New Jersey’s largest electric utility, with 200,000 solar systems for installation on utility poles. This is the largest single solar electric project under construction in the U.S. today.  When complete, the project will reduce carbon emissions by 74 million pounds annually. But Petra Solar’s commitment to sustainability does not end with its renewable energy technology:  The company has implemented a sustainable shipping model for its SunWave™ product that utilizes reusable shipping containers made from biodegradable materials.

Petra Solar has developed its own patented modular assembly line to manufacture the SunWave™ systems, and is committed to growing jobs locally. Petra Solar’s hyper-growth has resulted in over a ten-fold increase in staff within a two year span.  The job count has grown from 15 in the Spring of 2009 to 166 today. In keeping with the company’s commitment to return ratepayer and taxpayer investments, the company will create new manufacturing facilities in jurisdictions in which it does significant business, reducing shipping costs and impacts and creating local economic opportunities. Petra Solar offers a competitive benefits package, has developed a strong workplace culture, and actively hires graduates of local colleges and universities.

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