OPOWEROPOWER, founded in 2007 is based in Arlington, VA and with an office in San Francisco. OPOWER is an energy efficiency and smart grid software company.  The firm  works with utilities to help their customers use less energy through individualized energy reports, web-based tools, and telephone service reps.  Without any devices installed in the home, OPOWER’s patent-pending Home Energy Reporting platform shows users opportunities to save money.  And the information is presented in a way that motivates people to act – to date, the firm has engaged two million Americans who have saved $18 million on their utility bills.

The company employs more than 155 people and has grown 20-fold over the past three years.  OPOWER encourages employees to commute by carpool, bike or public transportation, and purchases sustainably packaged and recycled products.

OPOWER recognizes that attracting and retaining talented employees is key to its long term sustainability.  The company prizes its nonhierarchical structure, and offers a competitive compensation package with comprehensive benefits.  Every full time employee is given equity in the company.  Employees also enjoy a weekly company lunch, free gym access, and a quarterly Innovation Day where they can work on areas of particular interest.

OPOWER hires not just for experience, but for potential, and ensures that all employees have the opportunity to continuously contribute and evolve with internal and external training opportunities. Many of its employees work on an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental basis, and are encouraged to move into new roles in other areas of the organization. One employee, for example, has advanced into increasingly responsible roles from executive and administrative assistant, to recruiter, to Program Manager, based on her experience, interest, and commitment.


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