Melink Corporation

Melink CorporationMelink Corporation, based in Milford Ohio, is an energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions company for the commercial and institutional building industries. Founded in 1987, the company offers HVAC and building commissioning, commercial kitchen ventilation controls and solar PV solutions.  Melink’s own building, which the company designed and built,  is one of only a few LEED Platinum buildings in Ohio.  The building uses 50% less water than a comparably sized building and 100% of its hot water is supplied by a solar thermal system. The company recently installed solar panels on the roof with the goal of reaching net zero energy by the end of the year. And Melink recycles or composts more than 90% of its waste.

All of Melink’s products and services are focused on increasing energy efficiency and providing renewable energy solutions.  And the firm is working with the local community to develop an Energy Special Improvement District to enable local businesses to purchase solar PV systems via a bond assessment levied on their commercial property taxes.

Melink leases hybrid cars for many employees.  After one year with the firm, employees are eligible for up to $3,000 to put toward a hybrid vehicle for personal use or towards the purchase of a wind turbine or PV system for their home.

Melink’s 70 full time employees enjoy strong benefits including health insurance, a retirement plan, and profit sharing, along with access to a workout facility. All employees are encouraged to participate in training and continuing education in order to reach goals set with their managers via Individual Development Plans.  An innovation at Melink is the Dream Manager Program which encourages and supports people to follow their personal dreams which the firm believes will translate to more success in their professional lives.

This employee-focused culture has resulted in a team of dedicated and committed employees who worked hard during the recession to increase their productivity and provide strong value to customers, which paid off when Melink recently landed an order for the largest solar PV system in Southern OH.  This is expected to double the size of the company in 2011.

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