FLS Energy

FLS EnergyFLS Energy, based in Asheville, NC, is a solar energy generation company that offers engineering, installation and financing solutions for commercial and utility scale solar thermal and photovoltaic energy systems.  Founded in 2006 by three original partners, the firm has grown rapidly and now has 64 employees.

FLS Energy has pioneered the Solar Energy Purchase Agreement for solar hot water, an innovative finance model that allows clients to implement solar energy without the cost of purchasing the equipment. The company designs, installs and operates the systems and clients pay only for the solar energy generated, making FLS Energy like a small utility company on its clients’ roofs. FLS Energy’s Solar Energy Purchase Agreement has enabled clients, ranging from military bases to affordable housing developments, to install renewable energy systems, who would not have been able to develop it otherwise.

FLS Energy has a Sustainability Team which is responsible to make the company carbon neutral. FLS recycles or reuses all metals, plastics including Styrofoam and shrink wrap- cardboard, wood, glass and paper. FLS Energy has an impressive recycling-to-waste ratio of 9 to 1, so projects are managed without the need for onsite dumpsters. The company uses biodiesel in fleet vehicles and has implemented an in-house energy efficiency program.

FLS Energy is a great place to work because it is based on a culture of creativity, freedom, and commitment, where every employee is encouraged to meet his or her potential.   Employee benefits and programs include semi-annual profit sharing for all employees, defined departmental career ladders, and training and continuing education subsidized by the company.  FLS Energy is proud to employ graduates of the local nonprofit Green Opportunities program for at-risk young adults as well as host apprentices.


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